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Care for your boat

Care for your boat

Following our successful launch to the Jersey market in 2015 we are pleased to be able to offer local boaties with a unique service that we believe underpins our philosophy to provide customers with exceptional service, quality workmanship and great value for money.

In addition to our marine servicing and repairs, we have introduced our ‘Care for your boat’ packages which are designed to keep you and your boat moving with the peace of mind that a fully qualified and experienced engineer has overseen your boats engines on a regular basis. In order to meet the needs of and a ‘Plus’ pack. Details of what is carried out is detailed below:

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The engine room check is done twice per month between the months of 1st March to 30th October. The interior and exterior check is done once per month all year round with additional checks following severe Jersey weather. Payment is to be made by Standing order each month with a minimum contract period of 12 months.

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