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MAN Marine

Seapower Marine Jersey is delighted to become the authorized Channel Islands sales and service dealer for MAN Marine Diesel Engines, who are at the forefront of diesel engine innovation, design and production.

Cutting-edge dynamics, fuel economy and environmental friendliness.

We are very excited to sell and service the most modern MAN engines, catering for a broad range of engine models. Seapower Marine will be able to look after all your MAN needs, should it be engine servicing, drive unit servicing and repairs or diagnostics. As a MAN dealer, we are authorised to perform pre-delivery inspections, registration and warranty work.

Based in Augsburg, Germany

The world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine and stationary applications. They have always been committed to being a leader in environmentally friendly technology and all engines comply with the internationally applicable exhaust-gas regulations.

Only MAN diesel engines can power yachts and pleasure craft with this kind of acceleration, speed and smooth running to give you enhanced comfort. For workboat engines in all weather, and up against the wind, MAN diesel engines are the sure and reliable way to power boats for medium-duty to heavy-duty applications.

A characteristic feature of MAN marine engines is their powerful acceleration coupled with an extremely low fuel consumption. The engines are delivered ready for installation, and are designed for optimum performance in the various conditions of deployment and operation. After installation, MAN offers to examine and pass off the engine and to carry out extensive commissioning.

MAN Advantages:

⚓︎ Compact design with high performance

Space is money. Their compact design allows MAN engines to create more useful area on board. This enables load optimization, and better accessibility makes work easier in the engine room. But the slim design does not mean any compromise in performance. Of course you can demand full power from MAN engines at all times.


⚓︎ Low power/weight ratio

The weight of the engine has critical economic importance, especially in boat building. In their class, MAN engines are leaders for high performance at low weight. And even in the high-speed range, the ride quality is always low-vibration and quiet. This supports safe and ergonomic work, and assures use in all sea swells.


⚓︎ High tractive power even at low speeds


⚓︎ Powerful acceleration and rapid reaction to commands


⚓︎ High efficiency owing to low fuel consumption and low emission values


⚓︎ Low running costs and long service life