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Seapower Shop

Seapower offer a wide range of stock products, with hundreds of parts and accessories for your boat at very competitive pricing.

Our Products:

⚓︎ Anti-foul 

Micron Extra 2 is a high strength polishing antifouling that provides 2 seasons protection from just one application (3-4 coats). Formulated with Biolux® Technology for controlled optimised biocide release, Micron Extra 2 delivers extra protection even in difficult fouling conditions.

-24 months protection from one application

-Biolux® technology for superior slime and weed control

-Can be applied up to 12 months before launch


⚓︎ Rydlyme Marine Descaler 

RYDLYME descaler is certified as a fully biodegradable and environmentally non-hazardous chemical, even at 100% concentration without neutralization. It can be safely handled by and there are no transportation or handling restrictions. RYDLYME descaler is as much as 12x faster than other chemical descalers, with most cleaning applications completed within a few hours. Unlike mechanical cleaning methods (e.g. brushing, rodding), RYDLYME descaler can be circulated through equipment or system without arduous and costly dismantling.


⚓︎ Aquafax Products 

Aquafax is the UK’s leading distributor of marine equipment. Seapower Marine supply many Aquafax products including Skin Fittings, Seacocks, Pipe Fittings, Ball Valves and much more


We stock a range of engine spares and service parts for the manufacturers we represent including oil filters, fuel filters, coolants and engine oils.


⚓︎ Shaft Bearings 

We keep a range of sizes in store. Aquafax shaft bearings are precision ground inside and outside.


⚓︎ NGK Spark Plugs 

Large variety kept in store


⚓︎ Lubricants


⚓︎ Stainless Parts: Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Couplings and Connectors 


⚓︎ Piranha Products Anodes/Zincs


⚓︎ Hoses

We also stock a variety of hoses for example; water suction hoses, and sanitation hoses and fuel hoses.

We are happy to help and assist in any way possible.