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Seapower Marine Jersey is proud to be an authorised Volvo Penta service dealer for Jersey, Channel Islands. Appointed by Volvo Penta in 2015, just months after launching Seapower Marine, shows the commitment, skill and Knowledge that the Seapower team have to both the Jersey boating community and the Volvo Penta brand.

Authorised Dealer

In order to be appointed a Volvo Penta dealer, Seapower Marine endured rigorous checks and the team required the highest level of Volvo Penta training to ensure that customer service is front and centre of everything we do.


Volvo Penta is at the forefront of marine technical innovation and with an ever changing marine environment, the Seapower Marine technicians are committed to regular Volvo Penta training courses to ensure they are familiar with this technology and thus able to always meet the needs of all clients.

Seapower Marine Jersey is able to look after all of your Volvo Penta needs,
Should it be engine servicing, drive unit servicing and repairs or diagnostics. As a Volvo Penta dealer we are authorised to perform pre-delivery inspections, Volvo Penta registration and Volvo Penta Warranty work.

Never jeopardise safety and performance or risk expensive repairs by fitting a non Genuine Volvo Penta part or using non Volvo trained service personnel.

Manufacturers can action a safety recall years after your engine was supplied. Only by using the makers dealer network, can you ensure that your engine is maintained to the correct standards of safety and reliability. By using Genuine Volvo Penta parts and Volvo Penta trained technicians, you can be assured that your engine will stay in perfect condition, and kept up to date on all warranty and manufacturers recall bulletins.

Action Service

Volvo Penta Action Service is the phone-based breakdown and support service – providing assistance 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


If you experience a breakdown, just call. The operator will support you all the way through your case and keep you updated on status and progress. Whenever on-site assistance or technical support is needed, the operator will put you in contact with the closest Volvo Penta dealer with the right competence.