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Boat Hoists

We offer services from berth to shore and back via the Ports of Jersey Hoist, with trailer options as well, Seapower Marine have an extensive team of fully qualified Boat Hoist Banksman & Signallers, qualified skippers and we can arrange for your boat to be out hassle free and with peace of mind.

Boat Servicing

Seapower Marine Jersey is able to look after all of your Marine & Generator needs, should it be engine, generator servicing, drive unit servicing and repairs or diagnostics.


With an extensive knowledge on many types of engines, we are on hand to help you every step of the way, we understand it is an important decision and an investment. For these reasons we take time to talk through all your options and provide a comprehensive recommendation for a Repower, why not come down to our shop to see some of our engines and have a conversation.

Electrical Installations

With our fully trained and qualified electrician registered with The British Marine Electrical and Electronic Association we are able to assist with a wide range of marine electrical installations and repairs, if in doubt or experiencing an electrical problem book in with us and we will assist

Teak Deck Laying

Teak deck laying services typically involve the installation of teak wood decking on boats or yachts. Teak wood is a popular choice for boat decking due to its durability, water resistance, and attractive appearance.


PropSpeed is a type of marine coating that is designed to prevent marine growth, such as barnacles and other organisms, from adhering to the surface of boat props and underwater gear. It is a clear, non-toxic coating that creates a smooth, slippery surface on the metal, which reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency.

Copper Coating

Boat copper coating services involve the application of a copper-based antifouling coating to the hull of a boat to prevent marine growth such as barnacles, algae, and other organisms from attaching and growing on the hull. The coating consists of a layer of copper particles embedded in a binder, which creates a barrier that deters marine organisms from adhering to the surface.


Boat detailing services involve the thorough cleaning, polishing, and restoration of a boat’s exterior and interior surfaces to maintain or restore its appearance, protect its surfaces, and improve its overall value. Boat detailing services may include:

Boat Breakdowns and Salvage

Boat breakdowns services involve the repair and restoration of a boat’s mechanical and electrical systems in the event of a breakdown or malfunction. Boat breakdowns can be caused by a variety of factors, including engine failure, electrical problems, fuel system issues, and more.

Boat Warranty & Insurance Works

Boat warranty and insurance services provide coverage for unexpected damages, accidents, and other losses related to a boat. Boat warranties and insurance policies typically cover damages related to theft, collision, fire, and weather-related incidents, among other things.

Shot Blasting

Boat shot blasting services involve the use of high-pressure air or water to blast abrasive particles onto a boat’s surface to remove rust, paint, and other coatings. The process involves directing a stream of abrasive material onto the boat’s surface using specialized equipment, which strips away old paint and other coatings and prepares the surface for repainting or other restorative work.

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